CareDigital  provides Nursing and Care Homes with software solutions, mainly in recording, storing and managing data concerning the Service Users, staff, activities, legal required notes, etc.

     One of its main aims is de-cluttering the archives by considerably reducing the amount of paper used, leading as well to a safer environment - less germs from the archived paperwork, a minimized fire risk, etc.

     Another goal of CareDigital  consists in providing Nursing and Care Homes with the necessary technology to ensure all the required recordings are present, in the same place, easily accessible at all times.

     Acknowledging that the privacy of individuals - whether service users or staff - is important and also following the guidelines established by the latest Data Protection Normatives,  all products are provided with encoding and password protection of the sensitive information.

     The acceptance by the CQC, Environmental Health and other organizations and/or audits and inspecting bodies of the way that data is stored, managed and displayed is one of the priorities of CareDigital .

     CareDigital  is engaged with its Software End-Users; commits to any tailoring and special changes that have to be made to accommodate different types of Homes, helps acquiring the necessary equipment and provides training of staff in using its products.

     With user friendly interfaces, as simple as possible and containing all the needed information, the CareDigital  applications are meant to help and ease the everyday recording of essential data.